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Protein with experimentally verified sub-cellular topologies

Pubmed ID
First Author
Publication Title
Relevant Protein
Stenberg F, Chovanec P, Maslen SL, Robinson CV, Ilag LL, von Heijne G, Daley DO
J Biol Chem. 2005 Oct 14;280(41):34409-19. Epub 2005 Aug 3.
Protein complexes of the Escherichia coli cell envelope.
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FlhB regulates ordered export of flagellar components via autocleavage mechanism.
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Mutational analysis of the operon (hyc) determining hydrogenase 3 formation in Escherichia coli.
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A protein network for phospholipid synthesis uncovered by a variant of the tandem affinity purification method in Escherichia coli.
Murphy GE, Jensen GJ
Structure. 2005 Dec;13(12):1765-73.
Electron cryotomography of the E. coli pyruvate and 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase complexes.
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J Biol Chem. 2006 Apr 14;281(15):10024-34. Epub 2005 Dec 13.
Defining the role of the Escherichia coli chaperone SecB using comparative proteomics.
Xu C, Lin X, Ren H, Zhang Y, Wang S, Peng X
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Analysis of outer membrane proteome of Escherichia coli related to resistance to ampicillin and tetracycline.
Kruse T, Blagoev B, Løbner-Olesen A, Wachi M, Sasaki K, Iwai N, Mann M, Gerdes K
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Actin homolog MreB and RNA polymerase interact and are both required for chromosome segregation in Escherichia coli.
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Escherichia coli K-12: a cooperatively developed annotation snapshot--2005.
Hong H, Patel DR, Tamm LK, van den Berg B
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The outer membrane protein OmpW forms an eight-stranded beta-barrel with a hydrophobic channel.
Robinson LS, Ashman EM, Hultgren SJ, Chapman MR
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Secretion of curli fibre subunits is mediated by the outer membrane-localized CsgG protein.
Brombacher E, Baratto A, Dorel C, Landini P
J Bacteriol. 2006 Mar;188(6):2027-37.
Gene expression regulation by the Curli activator CsgD protein: modulation of cellulose biosynthesis and control of negative determinants for microbial adhesion.
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New Escherichia coli outer membrane proteins identified through prediction and experimental verification.
Shiue SJ, Kao KM, Leu WM, Chen LY, Chan NL, Hu NT
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XpsE oligomerization triggered by ATP binding, not hydrolysis, leads to its association with XpsL.
MacLachlan PR, Kadam SK, Sanderson KE
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Gene regulation by transmembrane signaling.
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Mol Microbiol. 2006 Aug;61(3):645-54. Epub 2006 Jun 27.
Identification of the lipopolysaccharide modifications controlled by the Salmonella PmrA/PmrB system mediating resistance to Fe(III) and Al(III).
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