STEPdb: Sub-cellular Topologies of E.coli Polypeptides.

Cell Atlas of E. coli / MG1655/ ATCC 47076 proteome

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Cell atlas of E.coli proteins and complexes lpt LpoA_PbpA phospho Fad1 Fad2 ftsH topo4 mukf MukB_MukF gyrase host_fact rnapol dedradosome secYEG_Yid 50s 30s secYEG tat lol cytoch cytoch atpaseSynth NADH NADH frd dhs car suc 2_oxo glyc pyru tangatose acca ptn pepABC phosphateABC glutathione arginine histidine glutamine zinc sulfate met ugp yad rpoE_stress psp_stress FtsZ_PBPB ftsQ minCD min


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