STEPdb: Sub-cellular Topologies of E.coli Polypeptides.

K-12(MG1655) BL21(DE3) Both EPEC (O127:H6)

(mouse over and click on the one letter topology symbols to see which proteins of this specific subproteome are localized in each location)

Bacterial cell cartoon of sub-cellular locations

STEPdb database:

The STEPdb database contains a comprehensive characterization of sub-cellular localization and topology of the Escherichia coli proteome. Current annotation is a result a multi-combinatorial analysis including existing databases, predictions of bioinformatic tools and exhaustive literature survey and manual curation. Tools for sequence similarity searches, prediction of sub-cellular location, visualization of membrane proteins topologies and protein complexes are included.

References related to STEPdb

STEPdb 2.0

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STEPdb 1.0

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MatureP 1.0

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